August 01, 2008

Mustard-pomegranate Tempeh, Frozen Soygurt

The secret ingredient today was pomegranate molasses, which is concentrated pom juice. It is found at middle eastern stores (if you're lucky!). It isn't sweetened like granadine (originally made from pom) but unsweetened and sour/tangy.

I marinated the block of defrosted tempeh (a soy product) and then marinated it for a half hour in a sauce consisting of minced fresh garlic, and 2 tbs dijon mustard, about 1 tbs pomegranate molasses, about 1 tbs water and touch of olive oil.
I browned the tempeh with a bit more olive oil, and then added oyster mushrooms and a chopped fresh tomato. When the mushrooms wilted I added some sea salt and freshly-cracked black pepper. It was a bit dry so I added some more of the mustard-pom-water mixture.
It was very very good!!!

For dessert was frozen soygurt! The soygurt I used was strawberry flavour- and I added a bit of chocolate almond milk to thin it out, some pomegranate molasses, chocolate syrup and chocolate chips. Tangy-licious! Better than Pomegranate Chip from Purely Decadent. I can't believe I never thought to use soy yog as a base before... thanks Veg News!

also: this blog passed its one-year anniversary without my noticing! Almost 100 posts! Wow!


jessy said...

happy blogiversary! :D wahooooooooooo!

pomegranate molasses sounds like something i need to find, pronto! amazing! and your dish looks divine!

i'd also like to say that your frozen soygurt set off some serious cravings over here! dayyyyuuuuum!

bazu said...

Mmmm, I could so go for some fro yo right now. And happy bloggiversary!

Erin said...

Pomegranate molasses definitely sounds like a product worth trying. The tempeh and frozen soygurt both sound great! And congrats on your blogiversary.

Rural Vegan said...

Happy anniversary! I need to dig out my ice cream maker tonight after seeing your photo!

Vaishali said...

This looks delicious. I've never tried pomogranate molasses before. Must pick it up!

Rage And Love said...

I haven't been on this blog for so long! I see that life's treating you well. Happy Anniversary! Love the food pictures!

VeganCowGirl said...

Looks fantastic. Did you use an ice cream maker for the desert? or is that a freezer version? I love the pom theme. Yummy!!

Anardana said...

I used my ice cream maker.


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