June 22, 2008

Philly Cheese Steak Poutine

This one is so fabulous that it gets two pictures..

Topped with Follow Your Heart brand vegan cheese!

Before being topped with (more) cheese.

First I fried strips of onion and red pepper in a bit of olive oil, and then I added strips of homemade seitan.
I seasoned the whole thing with a sauce of tamari, soy sauce, vegan worchestire sauce and chili powder. The I added a couple of tablespoons of corn starch dissolved in water to make it more gravy-like. I added a bunch of grated "cheese" in the pan at this point as well.

The seasoning was a bit too salty, but the meal was still INCREDIBLE.


Sophie said...

I always told Mike about how we'd make poutine at home. He finally got a craving - but he bought a can of St Hubert's poutine sauce, and it was SO salty. Much better to use powdered "gravy", like from Swiss Chalet or wherever.

jessy said...

wow! it LOOKS incredible! actually, this looks freak'n marvelous! i want to put this in my face right now! :D

Anonymous said...


Liz² said...

that IS so fabulous! vegan canadians represent. oh my goodness... seriously I have to try this someday, I haven't had poutine in FOREVER.

River said...

I haven't had poutine since I became vegan - this is definitely the way to go! Yours looks marvellous and now that I'm posting again (and thanks for your comment about our little doggie on my blog) I shall be trying things like this and following closely your wonderful ideas. Keep up the VERY important comfort food blogging. We who need comfort salute you! Enormous thanks, hugs and love.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the best comfort foods I saw online. I use to love this dish in the past and to think I could have it again. This is going to take me away from my diet. You are def the queen of comfort food.


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