November 19, 2007

Chinese Food Pizza

I was too lazy to make rice, so I put my stir fry on leftover pizza crust! The first layer is black bean+garlic sauce, topped with fried onion and red bell pepper, with soy-sauce seasoned TVP chunks (made with soy flour) on top. It was awesome.


healthnut said...

What an interesting idea! I guess you can pretty much put anything you want on pizza :)

lotta said...

Wow this is so new. I want to try that.

Robyn said...

Another crazy awesome pizza! It reminds me of a mac & cheese pizza I saw once... It would be cool to make a vegan version of that!

River said...

What clever ideas you have! I'm so pleased to find your blog - and thanks for visiting mine!!!

bazu said...

sweet! I'm loving this, and your previous pizza post- I can't get enough of the stuff!


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