January 07, 2010

Beanball Sub and product review

This delicious meal was the beanball sub recipe from Veganomicon on fresh ciabatta bread. If you look in the corner of the photo you can see that this meal also included a romaine lettuce salad. I do eat salad sometimes!

Also, here is my product review of Kenzoil, a yummy basil-based flavoured oil that was sent to me to try: it's fab. I ate it on pasta.. it was like instant pesto.. but more lemon-y. I think one of the secret ingredients is lemon.

Ps- I got The Conscious Cook, Vegan Soul Kitchen, and Vegan Yum Yum for xmas prezzies! What should I make?? I want to make everything from VYY, but the other two are more out of my comfort zone so I need suggestions.


Trinity (of haiku tofu) said...

I was just reading the beanball sub recipe today and wondering if i should make it. i'll take your post as a sign. have fun with your new books!

The Voracious Vegan said...

YUM, that beanball sub looks simple and delicious! I always love a good sandwich/burger for dinner. I'll have to give that recipe a try. Thanks!

Rose said...

That sub looks great...I have Veganomicon, so I'll be making this soon!

As for the other recipes...I got the Conscious Cook for Xmas too...the recipe from CC that I fancy trying first is the Artichoke Tortellini on pg 165.

I'm looking forward to see what you choose next.

Cassie said...

Mmm, that looks great. I haven't had a any-sort-of ball sub since prevegan days. It's about time.

Looking forward to reading what you think of those books. I checked Vegan Soul Kitchen and the Conscious Cook out from the library once, but didn't have a chance to try anything out.

kitchen tables said...

I am now thinking if I am going to make this one! I am now craving for this recipe! Thanks!

JennShaggy said...

Thanks! That was a great piece of advice. I think I'll just pick the color and let them all go to tows. A seriously marvelous idea.

I used Soy Dream soy milk to make this cheese in particular, but there's a local company that bottles its own soy milk that I love to use.

Mike K said...

I've only made it once, but I have good memories of the meatball sub. Those cookbooks are great xmas presents - conscious cook was a xmas gift for me too. I've only tried the paella, which was pretty great. I love everything in VYY, and I don't use vegan soul kitchen nearly enough. I love that book's baked black eyed peas though - the sauce is amazing.

Penny said...

I love beanballs, but haven't tried the V'con ones yet. (I also make the Bryanna ones.) I must try these!
It's great to get new recipe books, isn't it?

Penny said...

Oops. I meant 'I ALWAYS make...'

Vegan Deluxe said...

Those beanballs are great! I made them and then put them in spaghetti sauce. Mmmmmmm

Mandee said...

Vegan Soul Kitchen is great! I love the:

*Open-faced BBQ Mushroom Sandwich and Carrot-Cayenne Coleslaw

*Cajun Creole Spiced Tempeh (mushrooms) with Creamy Grits

*Pan-fried Grit Cakes with Caramelised Shallots, Garlic and Thyme

*Crisp Green Beans with Roasted Walnuts


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