November 01, 2008

Vegan Cheese Reviews

Homemade nut and/or nutritional yeast cheese is great, but fake cheese rules too. I've tried quite a few brands and flavours, and here is my verdict for the best ones.

The best for eating melted:

I have found that the Montery Jack flavour from Follow Your Heart is the absolute best vegan cheese on pizza. It melts quite soft, so you have to cook it until it bubbles and browns a bit (always good) or it can be too runny, but even then it tastes great. The mozarella flavour is good, but it just tastes sort of butter-y.. the jack has a bit more kick.

The best for eating cold, unmelted:

Sheese is very expensive but pretty damn good. It is the only vegan cheese I've ever had that tastes really good in a cold sandwhich. It is very firm and has a great texture. I doesn't melt very well, though. It doesn't spread out like FYH does. My favourite is the Smoked Cheddar flavour, but I'm sure they are all great.

Best parmesan substitute:

I'm a big fan of the Galaxy Foods brand parmesan.. as far as I know no one else makes a parmesan substitute.. but that's ok, because this stuff rules.

Best cheese slices:

Tofutti slices are the greasiest cheese I've tried, so I don't eat them often, but they are pretty yummy. Try them torn into pieces and melted on pizza. The flavour is quite butter-y, but sometimes that's what you're going for.


Anonymous said...

See if you can find Eat in the Raw's vegan parmesan. I prefer it to Galaxy's.

Shari said...

Thanks for your review on store bought vegan cheezes, do you have any tried, tested and tasted homemade recipes you would recommend? I am just beginning my first year of veganism and it has been tough finding a good cheese substitute.I have Uncheeze cookbook and have tried a few, but they just don't have the same flavor I am trying to find. I hope once I find that "yum" vegan cheeze substitute there will be no more missing of the real thing.

Veggie said...

I tried the FYH one but couldn't get it to melt.

The smoked Sheese was good but I loved the white chedder with chives, it was really good in the chili pockets I made.

Rural Vegan said...

I still haven't tried Scheese, but I totally agree with you that FYH is the best for melting!

Carrie™ said...

I'm glad to see a "cheese" review from someone in Canada. A lot of times, what other bloggers are writing about is no where to be found around here.

Nancy said...

As a once cheese fanatic, I am excited about the newest vegan cheezes to hit the market: Teese, out of Chicago ( and Dr. Cow, from Brooklyn ( I am looking forward to trying them both, and would love to know what others think of them. They can be purchased online at, if you don't live in those areas. I like the Tofutti for "square singles" and Scheese for sandwiches, and Cheezly is a good melting cheeze, as well. Still waiting on a good vegan "blue box" mac'n'cheese substitute, but Vegan Macaroni & Cheese by Leahey Gardens is OK if you're having a bad craving.

Nancy said...

Oh, and Organic Soy Feta Cheese by Sunergia Soyfoods (also found at is AMAZING crumbled in salads. Love it!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your review of Cheeses! I had never had the FYH Montery on pizza & It was so good!! I made sure to smush the cheese down into the

I always use the FYH Cheddar or Nacho for Queso! Add a little EB, milk of choice & Lemon Juice & Blend with a hand mixer.

And If I make a cheese soup (I.E. Broccili & Cheese. I use the FYH Cheddar & a box of Imagine Broccili soup! YUM

saveyrgeneration said...

I actually think that Teez is the best for melting. and have found that FYH is the worst!

how do you get it to melt? share the secret!


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