April 03, 2008

Paella Vegetariana

A great recipe from a fabulous new cookbook called Vegan Express. This wasn't that "express" because I used brown rice, but I wasn't in a hurry.


Romina said...

Yummy! I think brown rice is definitely worth the extra time, it has a better flavor to it. =)

Anonymous said...

your dishes all look so good! You should invite us over for some yummy food and perhaps a board game when you finish school stuff! I will even bring the game...I've got CandyLand and Trivial Pursuit 90's! (this is Rachael btw)

Bonnie said...

Yum! I love recipes like that, ones that combine a lot of different vegetables (especially maroccan-style dishes with seven vegetables, as well - mmmm).

Thanks for visiting my blog, I'll be watching yours, too!

Peggy the Veggie said...

OOh, that looks excellent! I just got that cookbook recently and I've been dying to make paella. :)


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