January 02, 2009

Spice Advice and Alanis

Dear vegan cooking geniuses, what do I do with smoked paprika? I begged for some for xmas.. without knowing how to use it.

Also, you should try the "peanut butter chocolate chip cake" in Vegan Express if you haven't yet. It is simple, oil/margarine free, and awesome.

and lastly, Alanis Morissette on her new (super healthy-style) vegan diet:

OK!: How did you come to choose Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s program?

I went to my favorite bookstore, Banyen Books and Sound, in Vancouver. I saw this book, Eat to Live, and I thought, that’s exactly what I want to do. I wasn’t interested in some fad diet that was unsustainable, like “lose 10 pounds in two weeks.” I don’t believe in diets; I think they’re short-term and a bit of an emotional roller-coaster. So I opened it and flipped through and thought the weight loss is incidental. The primary focus is disease prevention.


OK!: Why did you want to find a new eating plan?

"Longevity. I realized I want to live till I’m 120. There’s a lifestyle that I am how happily creating that can, as best as is possible, prevent most forms of cancer and other diseases."


DianeCA said...

I think it sounds like a healthy plan. Thanks for stopping by my blog. My son has gone vegan so I am always looking for inspiration. I enjoy vegetarian cooking very much and we eat it often, but its hard to convert a whole family. In addition I have food allergies, gluten, milk and eggs are out - so we have our food challenges!!

jessy said...

very cool on Alanis & veganism! i don't know if i could give up all the baked awesomeness for the Eat To Live, but i love the idea of more fresh veggies & fruits - and beans! mmmmmmmmm!

i have vegan express and haven't tried that "peanut butter chocolate chip cake" - i think i need to. simple + oil free + awesome = sign me up! yay!

we just got some smoked paprika as well - it's tasty stuff. i use it in a lot of mexican type dishes (a little goes a loooong way with that stuff). oh, i haven't tried Chessa's smoky collards - but they sound amaaaaaaaaaaazing. also,
and susan v uses a lot of smoked paprika in some of her dishes, too - like her black-eye pea & collard soup. delicious!

'River' (aka Pat) said...

Just to say that Dr Fuhrman is one of my heroes too! What a sensible approach to health! And again, Happy 2009!!

VeganCowGirl said...

I will get right on that peanut butter cake. Good job for Alanis. Wow! That takes me back to being 20...thanks! I needed that. I am going to put on jagged little pill while I cook tonight.

Philippa said...

You can use smoked paprika in dishes like:

Vegetable goulash
Vegetable stew
Vegan meatballs (like the one you did a few posts ago)
Sprinkle some on top of potatoes
Make a sauce for pasta with roasted red peppers
Or you could try your hand at vegan paella! (I'm sure it could be done!)

I'm really enjoying your blog, recipes and insights! Happy new year!

Sophie Malek said...

Rachael Ray just uses it whenever she uses paprika in normal recipes. It's just extra flavourful? Also - can you post the grapefruit noodle recipe or just send it to me?

Utopian Kitchen said...

Hey! For the paprika, try topping tofu-Vegenaise salad with it and also you can make an Ethiopian berbere spice mixture if you like that; it has lots of paprika and cayenne.

aredcardigan said...

i love the idea of eat to live ...i just don't have the discipline or the money. it can get expensive....

having said that...i do follow his plan from time to time. it's just that i still need pancakes & maple syrup...and falafel sandwiches...you get the gist;)

Happy new year!

Aline K said...

I came across this recipe completely by coincidence just now... not the most original or complicated use for smoked paprika, but it sounds yummy!


Lea said...

Mix some smoked paprika into your hummus- it is addicting!


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