February 03, 2008

Seitan Baked in Sweet and Sour Orange Sauce, Red Swiss Chard and Quinoa

The (awesome) seitan recipe is from: FatFree Vegan Kitchen blog. How does that woman not have a cookbook published yet? She is a genius.

We had it with quinoa and lightly wilted swiss chard with just a touch of tamari. A very nutritious and delicious dinner.


Ruby Red Vegan said...

Holy orange, does your dinner look good! I am very jealous of it and want to steal it. You had better guard your plate next time you sit down to eat... And I'm also wondering why I read Susan's blog all the time but have never made even one of her recipes. I am missing out on so many levels!

Romina said...

Your dish looks like it should be on a restaurant menu! Yum!

I agree about Susan, she needs to publish a cookbook, because she has a recipe for everything, and it's always perfect!

Liz² said...

that looks fantastic! sesame-orange is an awesome combination, and with seitan, ooooh.

Liz² said...

oops, not sesame, sweet and sour, well gosh, that's even more interesting, isn't it? :D

Romina said...

Thanks for your comment. =) You're right, I have used wheat gluten, so I might as well make some seitan! It's so much fun.


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