January 16, 2011

Sweet Potato Date Muffins

Sorry I haven't been posting! My husband and I bought a house in the summer and we moved in in December. So between moving/house stuff and holiday time I've been distracted from blogging.

Luckily I got three new cookbooks for xmas! I got fellow Canadian Jae Steele's new one, Ripe from Around Here, Jennifer McCann's Vegan Lunchbox Around the World and Veggie Burgers Every Which Way by Lukas Volger. Most of the burgers have egg- has anyone veganized any of the eggy ones?

Anyway, today I made the sweet potato-date muffins from Ripe from Around Here, and they are absolutely perfect! I don't feel comfortable posting the recipe, so you should go buy this book!


Maija Haavisto said...

Looks yummy, sweet potatoes and dates sound like such a great combo.

Shouldn't be too difficult to veganize any burger recipe with egg. I'd probably just use water and soy/chickpea flour (I know, I'm very oldskool, no one's doing this any more) unless the recipe seemed like something that's really going to fall apart. Then I guess commercial egg replacer, flax "eggs" or some starch might do the trick?

Cassie - Vegan Fox said...

Those muffins look great! Have you tried anything else from this book? It seems like flax eggs are often used for burgers, but I haven't made enough to make a great suggestion. I'd kind of like to try the suggestion above. Chickpea flour is a wonder.

HayMarket8 said...

Bought a house! Great! Was it your first? I am a vegan real estate agent so that is totally up my alley. :) I just found your blog and really enjoy it.



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