May 10, 2009

Chickpea Cutlets for lunch

I've probably posted these cutlets before, but it's a good recipe.. go make it if you have Veganomicon! They are made with both chickpeas and gluten flour, so they are packed with protein... and deliciousness!


Lking said...

I would love to have this recipe. Where can I find it!!
Please post it to my
Thanks a million!

trinity said...

i am inspired. making this soon.

Cassandra said...

your cutlets look a lot better than mine did when I made them once. They were really dry---yours look nice and moist. I think it was a weather thing the day I made them.

@Lking---just use a search engine and type in "chickpea cutlets" and I think it will pop up on a chow magazine article.

jd said...

Ack - I really need to make these!

I keep forgetting about them for some reason (which is nearly impossible since everyone seems to love 'em), so thanks for reminding me!

Your chickpea cutlets look great :)

macyaverage said...

this looks sooo yum! I must make one for myself


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